Mar 13

Breaking News . . . and, a Return to Life!

As many have noted to me in a host of very charitable e-mail messages, I have not been active in posting to this very popular site for a few months now. Life gets in the way of obligations sometimes. The busy season of the year for entertainers came and went followed by the slowest time of the year – the months of January and February. So, what was it that had me so busy? Find out soon.

I’m in the midst of writing a booklet that may turn itself into a book of its own accord. I’ll post a teaser, but a still useful chapter here soon. I promise. Another return to life on a Weblog of note is – John LeBlanc’s contribution to the world of magic, mentalism and, most importantly, entertaining. I most highly recommend that site. Note that it is the only personal site I recommend on these pages. I consider it most worthy of your visit. John is an opinionated guy. The world needs more of him. John took a hiatus from publishing for much the same reason as I. He’s a very busy guy. Stop by and tell him I sent you. Something else has caught my attention of late. There’s a fellow named Ryan Evan who has a new, multilevel marketing scam originating in Las Vegas that claims to teach you all you need to know about mentalsim for a fee. Yes, for a mere $47.00, you can download the ripped and copied David Blaine CD in a new format with a few enhancements! But wait! For even MORE money, you can actually resell this same drivel! Yes, you too can be a master mentalist and sell your secrets to the world! The David Blaine CD is selling for a single dollar on eBay these days. Who can resist paying $47.00 for the same thing? – the Necromancer