Every once in a while, a brilliant concept arrives in the area of conjuring. A Necromancer is a conjuror, an archaic term, still used by the practioners of the art of dark magic or bizarre magic. And why not? It does sound a bit more eerie than the more common term of magician. The brilliant concept? Making your magic have meaning beyond the visible; beyond what is on the surface. Leading your audience into a place from which they allow themselves to let down their disbelief and become emotionally part of the performance. Taking them to a place where you gude them completely by your performance. Allowing them no escape until your ultimate release of their psyches. I love that look on their faces when a small action at my fingers has them gasping. It’s all about getting them there.

Thus, this website, Necromancing, was born. While I don’t always practice bizarre or dark conjuring, I tend towards it these days. People like Eugene Burger, Gene Poinc, Al Mann and others have influenced me beyond most others. I’m at that stage in life where my appearance allows me to perform in the bizarre character that I need to present to carry it off. Sometimes, getting older has its benefits.

Read these pages for what they are worth. They are the collection of my thoughts which I have assembled over the years and have decided to publish here for those who want to learn the craft of reaching the very hearts of their audiences and giving their internal organs a mental squeeze. Enjoy.